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Why are people investing in NFTs?

What are NFTs?

The acronym NFT means "Non-fungible Token." By Non-fungible, we imply something distinct or one that stands out....

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6 Most common loan scams and how to identify them

Whenever you decide to take a loan, you probably focus on factors such as interest rates or terms of repayment. Most of us fail...

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Guide to ISA Transfers
By Min Binning On April 1, 2022

Guide to ISA Transfers

The Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is attracting the attention of savers looking to get high-interest rates from peer to peer...

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Tags: IFISA, ISA, best isa rates

Let's debunk some financial myths!

There are many ways to get advice on being smart with money— how you can make money, increase income and manage it thanks to...

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Who can Invest in an IFISA?
By Min Binning On February 14, 2022

Who can Invest in an IFISA?

What Is An IFISA?

With the increasing popularity of alternative finance, the UK government introduced Innovative Finance ISAs...

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Tags: IFISA, ISA, isa rates

Property Trends Investors Must Know

From the start of 2022, we have seen the resilience and strength of the UK property market. The property prices and rents are...

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Tags: Investment, ISA, UK property

Investing to Stay Ahead of Inflation

Earning money is hard, and if you think your money isn’t going as far as it used to, you are not wrong. However, the increase in...

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Tags: P2P, invest, inflation

Smart New Year's Resolutions To Save Money

Christmas is a big event that can wash out your finances and cause a great impact on your budget. If the holiday season hit you...

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Why is ESG important? Why should companies and investors care?

Do you ever think about why certain investments perform better than others? Why do some start-ups seem to always perform...

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