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Ways to Teach Children Money Skills from a Young Age

The key to living a balanced life is managing your money well. It is one of the most basic and necessary life skills that all...

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How To Buy a House in the UK?
By Min Binning On September 8, 2021

How To Buy a House in the UK?

Owning a home is everyone’s dream. However, buying a house means having to save more than you might have first thought. The...

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What is a development loan?

Purchasing a property at a low price, developing it to increase its value to make profit, sounds like a good plan. However, in...

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The 7 Phases of Development

Kuflink peer to peer lending has set up a development committee that reviews all the development projects every week. And when...

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What is better, Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA?

Child trust fund (CTF) is a tax-free savings product for children. These funds were available for children born between...

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0% Benefit in Kind Tax for Electric Cars Changes from 2020/21

Kuflink Green News! Company drivers for completely 'Electric Vehicles' (EV),  have to pay 0% Benefit in Kind Tax in 2020/2021....

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Tags: Saving, electric cars, road tax on electric cars

Airspace Development – All you need to know

Airspace developments are a great opportunity for property developers to build new housing in populated areas like London in a...

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Exchange of Contracts
By Min Binning On June 8, 2021

Exchange of Contracts

What does 'exchange of contracts' mean?

When two solicitors representing the seller and the buyer swap the signed contracts...
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Back to the Office: Employers Responsibilities

The business sector has suffered a lot because of COVID-19. The biggest challenge for employers and employees has been working...

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Tags: COVID-19, back to work, peer to peer lending

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