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Publish at: 2018-05-09 15:56:55

Spend, Save or Invest? Millennial Finances Revealed

The press tends to report millennials’ finances as belonging to one of two categories; the affluent young people or ‘Instagram rich kids’, or those stuck on zero hours contracts who are forced to live with parents well in to their thirties.

But how much spare money does the average young adult have, and how are they saving, investing or spending it?


According to research conducted by Strutt & Parker, millennials spend thousands of pounds per year on luxuries including:

One night out per week - £3,016

Takeaways - £1,320

Coffee - £625

Furthermore, UK millennials were shown to be the most interested in luxury spending, with a huge 70.8% classing themselves as ‘very interested’ in premium items!


Young people today have a wider range of investment options available to them than ever before – LBX research predicts that, by the end of 2018, ‘12 per cent of millennials will be invested in shares, 20 per cent in bonds, 19 per cent in precious metals and 18 per cent in property’.

This report also uncovered that one of the most popular new investment vehicles for this age group is cryptocurrencies, with 5 percent of those aged below 35 having already invested, and a further 11 per cent planning to invest this year.

Property has traditionally been one of the most popular investments, although current data shows that ‘the chances of a young adult on a middle income owning a home in the UK have more than halved in the past two decades’. As a result of this, more accessible investments such as Kuflink’s property-backed peer-to-peer platform, continue to grow at an exceptional pace.


49% of millennials consider themselves to be ‘savers’, with 23% claiming to save at least half of their disposable income each month.

Saving apps such as Squirrel and Chip are hugely popular with the younger generation – they regularly withdraw small amounts from your current account, ensuring regular contributions to your savings!

The average millennial has £8,384 in savings.

Make your money work harder for you with Kuflink and earn up to 7 times more interest than you would with a traditional savings account!† Kuflink is an online platform where you can invest in short-term loans secured against UK property, and earn up to 7.2% interest pa gross. *

*Capital is at risk. Rate correct as of April 2018. You should seek independent financial advice.

†  Based on an average ISA return of 1.03% interest pa

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