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Publish at: 2018-04-05 11:33:23

Property vs Pensions: Which is Best?

Ever worry that your pension isn’t large enough to sustain the kind of retirement you’re looking forward to?

On average, British pensioners receive just 29% of their in-work earnings.

This small sum would leave many of us struggling to pay the bills, let alone being able to afford those long-awaited family holidays or treats. Latest figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development show that 18.5% of those aged 76+ in Britain are living in poverty.

Those dependant on state funds are the worst affected and, with pensions failing to provide a sufficient income, many retirees rely on property as an alternative source of income.

Buy-to-let property is a big commitment, both in terms of the capital you need to get started and the long-term nature of the investment. Many of us look forward to relaxing during retirement, and there really is no guarantee of ‘a quiet life’ when you invest in rental properties.  If you were planning to invest all your savings in property, it’s essential to consider how your finances would hold up should the property become vacant or need substantial repairs.

If house prices fall or stagnate, you could be left responsible for a property portfolio that contributes only a minimal amount towards your retirement income. Even if the housing market continues to boom, your personal circumstances may change and, as property is an illiquid asset, it can be tricky to turn your investments into cash at short notice.

So, if you’re in search of a way to supplement your pension and bring your retirement dreams a little closer to reality, you’ll be pleased to know that buy-to-let isn’t the only way to invest in bricks and mortar…

Kuflink’s innovative peer-to-peer platform offers investors many of the same advantages as buy-to-let, including monthly interest payments and property-backed opportunities, without the hassle of maintenance or deposit costs!

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*Capital is at risk. Rate correct as of April 2018. You should seek independent financial advice.


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