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Publish at: 2018-03-05 16:15:31

P2P Business Lending Up 51%

A new study has shown that UK SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) are now seeking finance from a more diverse range of sources than ever, with peer-to-peer business lending up 51%.

Many choose P2P finance for its speed and flexibility although, given less than half of SMEs feel confident they’d be approved for a bank loan, alternative finance solutions are fast becoming an essential lifeline for many small businesses.

Peer-to-peer business loans enable growth and stability, whether the goal is to start-up or scale-up!

The value of P2P business lending is up 51%

Faith in high street banks is at an all-time low, so it’s no surprise that P2P lenders have seen a huge rise in business customers. In many cases, P2P lenders offer a more attractive proposition – to date, more than £14 million has been invested with Kuflink, with £0 investor losses!

The value of SME asset finance deals is up 12%

Not only are more business owners choosing P2P platforms than ever, the value of asset-backed deals is also increasing – whether you’re looking to borrow £50,000 or £500,000, speak to Kuflink today.

47% of SMEs said they were aware of P2P platforms

In stark contrast to just 24% in 2012, an impressive 47% of SMEs are now aware of peer-to-peer platforms. This shows that peer-to-peer finance is now a well-established, mainstream option for many businesses. The Kuflink community is already full of thousands of savvy peer-to-peer investors, but there’s always room for more to join!

Kuflink is already helping SMEs to achieve their goals

Click on the case studies below to see Kuflink’s fast and effective finance solutions in action!


Had enough of putting your business plans on hold whilst you wait for a decision from the bank? Kuflink offer quicker, more reliable and more flexible finance options than many traditional ways of raising funds – get in touch today to find out how we could help make your dreams a reality!

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