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Publish at: 2021-10-08 17:08:43

Kuflink's New features for October 2021. Stand Up with CTO

Quote for October 2021
“Pleasing Personality: A pleasing personality is the aggregate of all the agreeable, gratifying, and likable qualities of any one individual.

It is essential that you develop a Pleasing Personality - pleasing to yourself and others” - 5 of 17 Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success. (To see previous Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success please refer to previous CTO blogs).  

What's New or on its way to the Kuflink Platform for October 2021

1) Released! We have a countdown clock

You asked, and we listened.  A countdown clock on available deals, showing how long until the end of their term.  Simply view the available deals, and after a few seconds you'll see the clocks populate.


2) Released! Updated Dashboards

Available in Select-Invest, Auto-Invest and IF-ISA products, giving you a more simple overview of your investments, and available options.



3) Released! Pool total deals and total value.

You are now able to see both the total value of our pool (the amount invested across our diversified range of loans in our Auto-Invest product), as well as the total number of loans. 

Simply go to your Auto-Invest dashboard, and scroll down to the bottom to see.


It's worth sharing again these fantastic features, also recently released to the platform.

4) Released! An IF-ISA wrapper around our ISA eligible Select Invest Deals;  We have an  FAQ on this subject if you'd like to know more.


5) Released! The feature to view Select deals as a list is back after popular demand.
6) Released! The feature to show how much you have invested in Select deals has been made clearer.
7) Released! The feature to link all other Tiers and Tranches within a Select deal has been introduced.
8) Released! A new feature to allow clients to re-term their Auto Invest / Auto IF-ISA investments. This in the Portfolio section. 
Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 17.56.08
9) Coming Soon! Passphrase is on the way.  Adding an additional layer of security to your account, we'll soon be introducing "2MFA" - or "Multi Factor Authentication".  A way in which we can double check it's really you.
10) Coming Soon!  A new segregated IF-ISA wallet, and SIPP wallet (which also comes with surprise features) - development has started. 

11) Coming Soon!  A new feature showing borrowers who have links as individuals, shareholders or directors, to other loans already on the platform is being built. As an interim measure, we comment within the lending case if there is a link to another loan for the borrowers.

12) Coming Soon!  A new feature showing where each development loan is in regards our new 7 phases of development  - work is progressing. 

13) Coming Soon!  On the lending arm, we are currently building the process, through Open banking, to add an additional layer of borrower verification in real time and building a process to ascertain income vs expenditure for a potential borrower across all accounts. This is a step forward in reducing paperwork and unnecessary communication thereby improving efficiency in the process. All in all we should, in theory, gain access to all necessary information through a simplified online process as opposed to numerous phone calls, email chasers etc.

14) Coming Soon! Work on upgrading our proprietary deal risk / pricing tool in our CRM system by connecting to live data feeds, and allowing new fields to better assess the risk and price on deals is continuing. This is especially important in light of economic events like Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and price hikes on raw materials (which will affect on-going Development appraisals). We are working with a 'Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' ('RICS') valuer and a seasoned developer / builder (both in our Credit committee), to further enhance the tool's sensitivity to such events. We envisage connecting this information to our live loans on our platform to provide a timeline of any given loans risk. 

15) Coming Soon! We are working on upgrading our Dashboard. Live Charts, proprietary budget tools, links to other investments, accrued interest, etc. will be on display in a singular view.

CTO thoughts for October 2021

The most successful CTO's have an active and abstract thinking model. They challenge the status quo and consider out of the box alternatives. They flow like water and are entrepreneurial in their methods. They are masters at bridging the gap between agendas and functions. They have a keen eye on the purpose and vision. They are quick to course correct when necessary. They are business and results-driven. They are self-driven and independent in thought. They anticipate future events and consistently ask questions about how technology will impact the business and direction. They focus on the power of technology and think well beyond their function. They acknowledge their shortcomings and mistakes and have the ability to transform company cultures overnight for the betterment of their clients. 


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