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Publish at: 2022-01-18 16:22:22

Kuflink's new features for January 2022

Quote for January 2022
“Maintenance of sound health: follow work with play, mental effort with physical, eating with fasting, seriousness with humour, and you will be with sound health and happiness.
- 9 of 17. Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success. (To see previous Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success please refer to previous CTO blogs).  

What's new or on its way to the Kuflink Platform for January 2022

1) Released! View which deals are compounded

You can now see, at a glance, which deals you have compounded and which you have not in your portfolio.  Simply head to your wallet to view.


2) Released! Items Per Page is set for life

It's a small thing - but one of our investors asked, and we were happy to oblige.  We've included the cookie for the number of items per page that you choose - so next time you log in, your choice will remain! Look on the bottom right of the deals list


3) Released! Buy and sell IF-ISA on the secondary market.

You've always been able to sell your Select Invest loan parts on the secondary market, should you wish to (for more detail, visit the marketplace here).  But now, you are also able to buy and sell Select IF-ISA loans too.


4) Improvements! Behind the scenes.

Each month, the majority of our work is behind the scenes - improving efficiency, security, and setting up processes for future large releases.  Though you may not see large changes on the front end (the bit you use), we've implemented an awful lot of changes on the back end, ready for an exciting 2022.

5) Don't forget! Our banking details have changed.

We've mentioned it in a few other places, but worth reiterating here also; if you send us money via direct transfer or standing order, our bank details have changed.  We've put in place some reminders around our platform, but you can find out more about the change here.


6) Released! New Dashboard Totals

Due to client requests, we have just released a new "Total Investments" figure and a new "Total Reserve" figure to include Select Invest Reserve and Select IF-ISA Reserve totals. 

7) Released! You can re-term your Auto and IF-ISA investments on the platform before they expire

You can now re-term your IF-ISA and Auto-investments up to 190 days prior to their expiry.  When multiple investments mature close together, especially at the end of the financial year, it can be a hectic time so you can now re-term early, and know that your investments will continue to earn you interest.  It takes just a few mouse clicks.


8) Upgraded! The Audited Accounts page has had a face-lift. 

We just released our latest, 5th year of Independently Audited accounts for the platform, in January 2022 for period-ending 30th June 2021. We decided to upgrade the page for you with links to previously independently audited accounts for all the regulated companies and the main Group company.   Click here to view the page.

Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 19.49.01


9) Coming Soon! A survey to ensure Kuflink is delivering good outcomes for our clients.

We welcome and have already started work on ensuring the New Consumer Duty, which will be applied in July 2022 by the Financial Conduct Authority, is established within the Firm. Part of this work will be a new survey sent to clients where they can send us feedback. We have already implemented internal control framework changes to ensure this is engrained throughout Kuflink.  

CTO thoughts for January 2022

With a clear plan of improvements already underway for 2022, we're looking forward to making something better every day.  Whether that's behind the scenes, whether that's front of house, my whole team is geared towards making your Kuflink experience better each time you visit.

With that in mind, if you have suggestions or comments on what you'd like to see on the platform, we'd always like to hear from you.  2022 is packed full - improving security even further with 2MFA (multi-factor authentication), expanding our product range to include SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) along with a whole host of subtle improvements to give you a wonderful user experience.  We know you'll find value in the improvements, and they'll aid your journey to financial freedom.

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* Capital is at risk and Kuflink is not protected by the FSCS. Past returns should not be used as a guide to future performance. Securing investments against UK property does not guarantee that your investments will be repaid and returns may be delayed. Tax rules apply to IF ISAs and SIPPs and may be subject to change. Kuflink does not offer any financial or tax advice in relation to the investment opportunities that it promotes. Please read our risk statement for full details.

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