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Publish at: 2020-12-27 21:03:53

Kuflink, P2P Platform, Celebrates £100 Million Lending Milestone!

"We started bridging finance back in 2011, just after the great recession. It was an era of fewer banks lending on property, increasing enquiries for these type of loans, increased demand from investors for better returns than the low-interest environment offered from banks and volatility from the stock market. April 2017 saw us having a FCA authorised and regulated online Peer to Peer Platform. By December 2020, investors and borrowers have together reached an amazing milestone of £100 million Lending, through the Kuflink platform, and long may this continue. It is through the investor's and the team's passion that the platform has evolved into what it is today." says Narinder Khattoare, Kuflink's CEO,

"I've used Kuflink for about three years now for both business and personal funds. When deposit rates continued to fall, I looked to get a better return on cash. Peer to peer lending was the obvious choice, and Kuflink has proved to be a sound choice. Interest rates are excellent, and what I like in particular is that all loans are backed by property with sensible LTV rates, giving a very good level of security.  The company invests alongside investors as well. Communications from Kuflink are excellent, and even in the difficult year we've just had, there have been no significant issues.  I hate the term 'no brainer', but with deposit rates at a fraction of 1%,  Kuflink is a great home for cash you're prepared to tie up for the next  12-18 months." says John Harrison, an Investor since 2017. 

"I have dealt with Kuflink as a borrower and lender. From both aspects, they were professional at all times. As a borrower, every 't' was crossed and every 'i' was dotted, and if I ever need funding again, there is only one organisation I would approach. Also, as a lender, Gurbinder was 100% professional with no sales pressure and clearly outlining all aspects of the transactions. For my company, there will only be one place to go - Kuflink." says David Hunter (Torpedo South), a borrower since 2017.  

The milestone comes during the week when UK and EU agree on a post-Brexit trade deal and the global distribution of a vaccine. So together, we mark this occasion with promise, hope and good health for 2021

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Kuflink's vision is to bring the world together through Lending. Kuflink lets investors customise their own portfolio, from investing in specific loans which pay interest per month, or compound the interest to the maturity date, to investing in a pool of loans, and this product is available with an ISA wrapper.* Kuflink believes in building a passionate and enriched community - one that inspires people to invest together and help borrowers build the economy. 

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*Capital is at risk and Kuflink is not protected by the FSCS. Past returns should not be used as a guide to future performance. Securing investments against UK property does not guarantee that your investments will be repaid and returns may be delayed. Tax rules apply to IF-ISAs and SIPPs and may be subject to change. Kuflink does not offer any financial or tax advice in relation to the investment opportunities that it promotes.

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