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Publish at: 2020-02-07 17:18:36

Kuflink IF-ISA TV Advert 2020

We've just launched a brand-new TV advert where we talk about our Innovative Finance ISA and how it could earn you up to 7% interest pa*.

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What is an Innovative Finance ISA?

Innovative Finance ISAs (IF-ISAs) are investments that give consumers the opportunity to lend and earn tax-free interest through a Peer to Peer lending platform. Innovative Finance ISAs pair up willing lenders (or investors) with individual and business borrowers through an easy to-use online platform.

How do IF-ISAs work?

With an IF-ISA, you are loaning your money directly to borrowers across a range of project types in different industries. Each IF-ISA providers’ offering will differ so ensure you read our product terms before investing.

The Kuflink IF-ISA

By opening a Kuflink IF-ISA you can earn up to 7% pa* interest tax-free, with a minimum investment of just £100. You’ll lend to a diverse range of business opportunities all secured against UK property* and, with our easy to use online platform, it only takes a moment to get started.

Can I open multiple IF-ISAs?
You are only allowed to open one new IF-ISA with a single provider per tax year. As of the 2019-20 tax year, you are allowed to invest up to £20,000 into an ISA, collectively accounting for Cash, Stocks & Shares, Lifetime, Help to Buy** and Innovative Finance ISAs.

Talk to us about the Kuflink IF-ISA!

To open your IF-ISA, transfer your existing IF-ISA to Kuflink or if you simply want to discuss the product further, book your call with one of the team here. Alternatively, login to your Kuflink account and visit the IF-ISA page for more details.


*Capital is at risk and Kuflink is not protected by the FSCS. Past returns should not be used as a guide to future performance. Securing investments against UK property does not guarantee that your investments will be repaid and returns may be delayed. Tax rules apply to IF ISAs and SIPPs and may be subject to change. Kuflink does not offer any financial or tax advice in relation to the investment opportunities that it promotes. Please read our risk statement for full details.

**The Help to Buy ISA closed to new accounts at midnight on 30 November 2019

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