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Publish at: 2017-08-22 14:20:23

Kuflink Celebrates a terrific 12 months

August 19th 2016 was a landmark day for Kuflink – on this date 12 months ago we launched our P2P investment platform. Building on the success and reputation of the well-established Kuflink Bridging, this venture represented an exciting new chapter for the company and, one year on, we’re delighted to say that it has been a roaring success. What’s more, both sides of the business have gone from strength to strength, with significant milestones achieved across the board.

Shortly after the launch of the new platform, Kuflink launched itself into its new headquarters. At the time of the move (in October last year), Kuflink consisted of just 12 people – today we are 31-strong and are actively looking to grow the team further.

Kuflink’s progression has been underpinned by important industry recognition – in October 2016, Kuflink Bridging secured full FCA authorisation and, six months later, our P2P arm Kuflink Limited achieved the same feat. But it’s not just the industry watchdogs who have tipped their hat at Kuflink’s impressive progress; over the past year we have proudly been awarded the Business Product Innovation of the Year title at the Business Moneyfacts Awards 2017, as well as being named Best Specialist Finance Provider at the Property Wire Awards 2017.

Importantly, as Kuflink has seen its team grow and the industry take note, we have also been busy expanding the range of investment options available to investors. Kuflink’s Select-Invest, in which we invest 20% in every deal alongside our investors, has remained at the core of our proposition. But in recent months we have also added Auto-Invest and an Innovative Finance ISA to our range of investment products. As if all that wasn’t enough, in May we added Corporate Functionality to the P2P platform, while in June we also launched our new-look website!

Capping off this momentous 12 months for the company, on August 9th 2017 Kuflink launched the next iteration of its P2P platform. Bringing Select-Invest, and the new Auto-Invest and IFISA together in a new home, the easy-to-use platform once again demonstrates Kuflink’s appetite to improve the way it supports its investors.

A year after launching its P2P offering, Kuflink has seen more than £4.5 million of investment through the platform. We’re delighted to say that to date, the total amount that has been lost by investors comes to the grand total of £0.00.

Thank you to all the people who have been part of the Kuflink story so far – as we reflect on a brilliant, progressive 12 months we are looking forward to sharing yet more successes with you in the years that lay ahead.

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